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A Damaged Phone Doesn't Mean Damage to Your Business

If you use your phone for business purposes, you need any repairs done quickly. Best Wishes Kiskintilloch’s phone and device repair service is the fastest in the town.

Repair Service

Get you phone repaired back in 24 hours.

Spare Parts

Get best quality spare parts for you gedgets.

Lowest Price

We offer the most competitive prices for phone repairs

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Repair Service

Get you phone repaired back in 24 hours.

Spare Parts

Get best quality spare parts for you gedgets.

Lowest Price

We offer the most competitive prices for phone repairs

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Why Us?

Why Should You Use Our Services?


We back all of our work with a warranty.

Lowest Price

Best Wishes Kirkintilloch offers the most competitive prices for phone repairs in Kiskintilloch.


Repair in 24hours

You will have your damaged phone back in working order within 24 hours, and probably much less.


Quality Components

We only uses the best components for your phone repairs.

Hundreds of Satisfied Customers

Providing you with 100% satisfaction is our priority, and we have provided this for hundreds of customers in and around Kirkintilloch.

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Your Trusted Repair Partner

Choose Best Wishes Kirkintilloch for unbeatable prices, 24-hour turnaround, and top-quality components. We prioritize affordability, speed, and quality to ensure your devices are back to optimal performance swiftly and reliably.

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We offer a wide variety of gadget services

Mobile Phone​

A cracked screen might not be the end of the world, but it certainly doesn’t look good and can hinder your enjoyment of your phone. We can have your cracked or broken screen repaired on the same day you bring it in. Just use the walk-in service in our Newark store.

Water Damage

Dropping your phone into the water might leave you with a sinking feeling, but allow Fone Tech Newark to throw you a lifeline. We will breathe life back into your water-damaged phone, having it back in your hands within the same day.

Damaged Speakers

Watching videos, playing games or music, or even making a call will be severely limited if your speakers are damaged. Fone Tech Newark can have your phone sounding perfect in around 45 minutes or less if you have damaged speakers.

Dead Battery

Do you need to have your phone on charge almost constantly? There are a couple of reasons why this might be the case:

Reception and Signal Issues

Calls dropping out or lost phone signals are frustrating. This situation can often result from a broken or damaged antenna or if you dropped your phone on a hard surface or in water. We can diagnose the problem and get it sorted for you quickly, so your phone gets back to sending and receiving a strong signal without dropping any calls.

Broken or Malfunctioning Buttons

Buttons are essential to your phone’s critical features such as power, volume, keyboard, etc. If you have a broken or malfunctioning button, it could render your phone useless. However, it does not need to spell the end of your phone, and our experienced phone technicians can have your device back up and running in no time at all.

Repair Your Phone At Best Wishes

Best Wishes Kirkintilloch can handle all your phone fixing needs, including broken buttons, damaged screens, malfunctioning speakers, new parts, and much more. We fix all major brands and provide same-day repairs of the following:

New Batteries
Charging ports
Button repair
On/Off issues
Headphone jacks
Volume buttons

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We’re just one click away, ready to swiftly solve your device issues. Trust us for convenience, quality, and unbeatable prices—your reliable partner in every repair solution.

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